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MaxTV Programme Schedule for Today

4:00 Inspirational Hour Foreign Music-Gospel Gospel Music
5:00 Inspirational Hour local Music-Gospel Gospel Music
6:00 Sports documentary Documentary
6:30 Max-Cinema Movies
8:30 Urban Gospel Music Gospel Music
9:00 Hindi Movie EXTRA Movies
12:00 Max Mid-day Action Movies
14:00 Music Videos - Afro pop Pop Music
15:00 TMG TV show rpt Magazine programme
15:30 Campus Base TV RPT Magazine programme
16:00 Children-cartoon Children's World
17:00 Max Cinema Classic Movies
19:00 The sweet burden Series
20:00 Desperate housewives Series
21:00 Criminal Minds Series
22:00 Max Action movie extra Movies
0:00 Music Videos - Afro pop Pop Music
1:00 Max Midnigt Cinema-Adventure/Horror Movies
3:00 Cool Zone Music Classics Pop Music

Police to deploy more men to developing areas in Accra

Police in the Greater Accra Region say they are deploying more personnel to new developing areas in the metropolis as part of efforts to curb crime in the capital city. The move follows many armed robbery attacks in area like Amanfro and Klagon, all at the outskirts of Accra.


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