Barco Studio’s new movie, ‘THE COUNSELOR’ starring Dominic Dermodzi, Benda Bon, Sika Osei and Kweku Boateng, will premiere at the Global Cinemas, Accra on 24th January 2016, at 6pm.

‘The Counselor’ is an intriguing piece which talks about heaven’s path as a very deadly one filled with pain and suffering. The evolvement of the movie is around a certain Percy Awuku, who is on a mission to convert ‘sinners’ to this heaven through flogging and torture is another revelation.


Also, the writer has tried to make us understand that the reality of life these days have seen our generation infected with technology and its advances, thus, we freely give away information through the mobile phones and computers to those who know how to get them.


Written and directed by the seasoned Henry Nartey who has over fifteen years of experience under the auspices of the renowned Kow Ansah; the new masterpiece will is sure to set your tone on a smooth festive drive.